Forthcoming Titles

James G. Beierlein, Mark Jenner, Kenneth C. Schneeberger, and Donald D. Osburn

Principles of Agribusiness Management, Sixth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5224-32

available February 2025

Julie A. Charlip and E. Bradford Burns

Latin America: An Interpretive History, Eleventh Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5229-8

available August 2024

Christopher E. Comer, Eric G. Bolen, and William L. Robinson

Wildlife Ecology and Management, Sixth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4956-4

available September 2024

James H. Cook, Jr. and Laura K. Harrawood

A Practical Handbook to Group Facilitating

ISBN 978-1-4786-5275-5

available September 2024

Timothy Corrigan

A Short Guide to Writing about Film, Tenth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5207-6

available July 2024

Chad P. Dawson and John C. Hendee

Wilderness Management: Stewardship and Protection of Resources and Values, Fifth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5273-1

available October 2024

Theodore E. Howard, Francisco X. Aguilar, and Mindy Crandall

Forestry Economics

ISBN 978-1-4786-5274/8

available October 2024

Emily S. Huff and Kenneth E. Wallen

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources: Research and Participation Foundations

ISBN 978-1-4786-5257-1

available September 2024

Conrad Phillip Kottak and Richard Pace

Assault on Paradise: The Globalization of a Little Community in Brazil, Fifth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5244-1

available July 2024

Caroline Mercier

Foundations of Scenography

ISBN 978-1-4786-5147-5

available October 2024

Lindsey Purcell

Arboricultural Practices: A Science-Based Practical Approach

ISBN 978-1-4786-5174-1

available May 2024

David E. Rohall, Melissa A. Milkie, and Jeffrey W. Lucas

Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives, Fourth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5226-7

available August 2024

Matthew L. Sanders and John G. McClellan

Studying Communication: An Invitation to Purposeful Learning

ISBN 978-1-4786-5298-4

available September 2024

Daniel R. Unger and Bethany Q. Unger Scoggins

Quantifying Natural Resources: A Field Guide Using Simple and Cost-Effective Methodologies

ISBN 978-1-4786-5220-5

available July 2024

Scott E. Walters and Cal Pritner

Introduction to Play Analysis, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5293-9

available December 2024

DeDe Wohlfarth and Robin K. Morgan

Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5247-2

available January 2025

Kathryn Sue Young and Howard Paul Travis

Oral Communication: Skills, Choices, and Consequences, Fifth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5294-6

available October 2024