Forthcoming Titles

John D. Bailey

A Walk with Wildland Fire

ISBN 978-1-4786-5145-1

available December 2023

James G. Beierlein, Mark Jenner, Kenneth C. Schneeberger, and Donald D. Osburn

Principles of Agribusiness Management, Sixth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5224-32

available June 2024

David Coley

Dramatic Theory

ISBN 978-1-4786-5151-2

available February 2024

Christopher E. Comer, Eric G. Bolen, and William L. Robinson

Wildlife Ecology and Management, Sixth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4956-4

available February 2024

Timothy Corrigan

A Short Guide to Writing about Film, Tenth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5207-6

available April 2024

Dana S. Dunn

A Short Guide to Writing about Psychology, Fourth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5202-0

available April 2024

Pamela J. Farris

Elementary and Middle School Social Studies: An Interdisciplinary, Multicultural Approach, Eighth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5146-8

available September 2023

Rosemary Ingham and Liz Covey

The Costume Designer's Handbook: A Complete Guide for Amateur and Professional Costume Designers, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5179-6

available January 2024

Rosemary Ingham and Liz Covey

The Costume Technician's Handbook, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5180-2

available January 2024

Lauren M. Lowell

Dressing Historical Characters: Clothing History for Entertainment Designers

ISBN 978-1-4786-5154-3

available November 2023

Caroline Mercier

Foundations of Scenography

ISBN 978-1-4786-5147-5

available November 2023

Lindsey Purcell

Arboricultural Practices: A Science-Based Practical Approach

ISBN 978-1-4786-5174-1

available January 2024

Colin G. Scanes and Dawn Koltes

Domestic Animal Physiology

ISBN 978-1-4786-5116-1

available January 2024

Daniel R. Unger and Bethany Q. Unger Scoggins

Quantifying Natural Resource: A Field Guide Using Simple and Cost-Effective Methodologies

ISBN 978-1-4786-5220-5

available May 2024

Rudi Volti and Jennifer L. Croissant

Society and Technological Change, Ninth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5104-8

available October 2023

Brendan P. Young

Political Social Work Practice

ISBN 978-1-4786-5150-5

available December 2023

Scott T. Young, K. Kathy Dhanda, and Steve Hollenhorst

Business and Sustainability, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-5024-9

available December 2023