Regional Geography of the United States and Canada:  by Daniel R. Montello, Michael T. Applegarth, Tom L. McKnight
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Regional Geography of the United States and Canada
Fifth Edition
The fifth and thoroughly revised edition of Regional Geography of the United States and Canada provides a rich and comprehensive overview of both the physical and human geography of these two countries, and in the true spirit of geography, the interactions and interrelations of the physical and human. Following long traditions of the discipline of geography, this text incorporates words, maps, drawings, photographs, and numerical data to present its information in an engaging way.

After covering beneficial precursor topics—such as the basics of physical and human geography—the text explores fifteen regions of the US and Canada. The authors observe and describe our planet’s geography in thorough and accessible detail, while laying out the spatial basics of the location, shape, and size of the different regions, and summarizes their most distinctive thematic qualities. Physical topics covered include the region’s topography and landforms, soils, climate, hydrography, vegetation, and wildlife. The human topics include the region’s population; the ethnicities and settlement history of its people; economic activities, including agriculture, forestry, mining, fishing, manufacturing, and service industries; cities; and transportation. In-depth essays expand on specific topics of interest and importance, while outlook sections prognosticate about the near future of the regions. Each chapter concludes with a bibliography of books, articles, and reports that provide further sources for the interested reader.
"What a great reboot of the classic Tom McKnight textbook! A dedication to regional geography perspectives, clear writing, and attractive visuals are highlights.” — Doug Hurt, University of Missouri

“This is a very thorough text covering the geography of North America. The regions are well thought out and comprehensive, with good, sensible boundaries between them. Very well done.” — Duncan Shaeffer, Arizona State University
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the Regional Geography of the United States and Canada
2. Physical Geography of the United States and Canada
3. Human Geography of the US and Canada: Population and Culture
4. Human Geography of the US and Canada: Economic Activities and the Urban Landscapes
5. The Concept of Geographic Regions
6. The Atlantic Northeast
7. French Canada
8. Megalopolis
9. Appalachia and the Ozarks
10. The Inland South
11. The Southeastern Coast
12. The Midwest Region
13. The Great Plains and Prairies
14. The Rocky Mountains
15. The Intermountain West
16. The California Region
17. The Northwestern Coast
18. The Hawaiian Islands
19. The Boreal Forest
20. The Arctic