From the Eye of the Storm: The Experiences of a Child Welfare Worker by Cynthia  Crosson-Tower
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From the Eye of the Storm
The Experiences of a Child Welfare Worker
Second Edition
Drawing upon a decades-long career as a social worker, Crosson-Tower weaves her own experiences and lessons into an engaging story of perseverance in the face of stark reality. She recounts her early days on the job, where she quickly encountered a heavy caseload, sudden and unexpected challenges, and the need to balance it all with her own life.

Updated to include new insights and challenges, this exceptional journey into the life and role of a social worker realistically portrays the unique and turbulent circumstances in which resiliency and sensitivity play a large part. Each chapter is paired with “Questions for Thought” that encourage readers to pause and consider the practices they would use in a variety of cases.
“This text has the potential to help students understand the reality of being a child welfare worker. It is well written and will be eye-opening to my students.” — Lisa Schelbe, Florida State University

“It is an easy read and the questions at the end of each chapter should generate focused class discussions. I spent 22 years as a professional in Human Services and could relate many of my experiences to the content in this book.” — Francis LaChappelle, Jamestown Community College

“I have required this book for many years in child welfare–related courses. I assign all students to a small reading group and assign a number of the questions at the end of each chapter for them to discuss. I interact with the small groups, pushing them to think more or offering alternative perspectives. Having been in the field for years before teaching, I find the experiences shared realistic. Students always note this assignment as a favorite.” — Bettyanne Hutton, Florida Atlantic University
Table of Contents
1. Where Does It Begin?
2. Getting into the Job
3. A Dose of Reality and Culture Shock
4. "The Shadow Knows"
5. On My Own
6. In Search of the Perfect Parents
7. Getting My Teeth into It
8. A Week of Introductions
9. Sit-Ins, Holidays, and Sad Thoughts
10. The Lull and Then the Storm
11. A Flurry of Placements
12. An Act of God?
13. Haunted by Echoes
14. Old Rewards and New Challenges
15. Expecting the Unexpected
16. Graduate School and Beyond
17. A Different World
18. Fickle Lady Justice
19. A Mother's Legacy
20. A Transfer to the Front Lines
21. All in a Day's Work
22. Childhoods in Hell
23. Happy Endings
24. Seasons of Change
25. Child Welfare, COVID-19, and After