Forthcoming Titles

Carol A. Darling, Dawn Cassidy, and Sharon Ballard

Family Life Education: Working with Families across the Lifespan, Fourth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4737-9

available mid-January 2022

C. W. Fetter and David Kreamer

Applied Hydrogeology, Fifth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4652-5

available mid-September 2021

Karen A. Foss, Sonja K. Foss, and Alena Amato Ruggerio

Feminism in Practice: Communication Strategies for Making Change

ISBN 978-1-4786-4758-4

available late September 2021

Gerald L. Gutek

A History of the Western Educational Experience, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4030-1

available mid-September 2021

Scott R. Harris

How to Critique Journal Articles in the Social Sciences, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4692-1

available mid-September 2021

Alan E. Kehew

Geology for Engineers and Environmental Scientists, Fourth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3765-3

available early September 2021

F. Bailey Norwood, Jayson L. Lusk, John Michael Riley, and Derrell Peel

Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4690-7

available mid-October 2021

Scott Sernau

Global Problems: The Search for Equity, Peace, and Sustainability, Fourth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4722-5

available late September 2021

Katherine Walsh

Grief and Loss: Theories and Skills for the Helping Professions, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4738-6

available mid-November 2021

Western Plant Health Association

Western Fertilizer Handbook, TenthEdition

ISBN 978-1-4786-4739-3

available late January 2022

Kathryn Sue Young

Persuasion Workbook: Practical Principles

ISBN 978-1-4786-4759-1

available late September 2021